Friday , August 18 2017
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Congress leader launches “Save Jamia Nizamia” movement

In a unique protest, a Congress leader on Monday observed Nafil Roza (fasting) demanding removal of Akbar Nizamuddin from the post of Ameer (head) of Jamia Nizamia.

Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee (Minorities Department) Chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail today began the Nafil Roza to formally launch the “Save Jamia Nizamia” campaign. “Since hunger strike is not permitted in Islam, I have decided to observe Roza. However, except for consuming dates, milk and water, during Saher and Iftar, I will not eat anything else,” he announced.

Sohail also informed that he had sent an open letter to the Ulemas of Jamia Nizamia and all other religious institutions of Hyderabad asking them to raise their voice against continuance of Akbar Nizamuddin on the post of Ameer-e-Jamia Nizamia. “Akbar Nizamuddin is the chairman of Darulsalaam Bank, an interest-based financial institution. Although interest is haraam in Islam, he managed to become Ameer-e-Jamia Nizamia due to Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeeen (MIM) leadership. Interest and Islam cannot go together. But by holding both the posts simultaneously, Akbar Nizamuddin is sending a wrong message in the entire Islamic world that interest-based banking is permissible in Islam,” he said.

“His continuance as Ameer-e-Jamia Nizamia is a direct attack on Shariah. He is encouraging the Muslims to participate in interest-based financial system. He is misusing Jamia Nizamia to achieve his own financial goals. I have requested Ulemas and Muftis to intervene into the matter and remove Akbar Nizamuddin so as to save the Jamia Nizamia,” Sohail said.

According to Sohail, Roza is not a form of protest, but one of the best means to pray to Allah to save the prestigious institution of Jamia Nizamia. He hoped that his prayers would be answered and Akbar Nizamuddin will be removed the post of Ameer-e-Jamia Nizamia. However, he said he would also launch a massive agitation if Akbar Nizamuddin is not removed on immediate basis. He pointed out Akbar Nizamuddin faces criminal charges of selling away Wakf properties worth several hundred crores. While the Central Crime Station has registered criminal cases against him, the Reserve Bank of India and Enforcement Directorate are in receipt of complaints of hoarding of black money against him. Therefore, it would be an insult for the Ulemas, Muftis and all others who love Jamia Nizamia to be led by a person who is facing serious criminal charges, he said. (INN)