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Congress leader in J-K says hate tweets not his

Jammu, Aug.5 : Congress Leader from Jammu and Kashmir, Salman Nizami, said in a statement issued to the media on Wednesday, that the hate tweets appearing his name recently, were not his.

“I want to condemn the mischievous and malignant unknown parties who used my name and circulated hate tweets from an un verified handle and launched a smear campaign against me while I was away in hospital looking after my nine month pregnant sister whose delivery was scheduled for today,” Nizami said in his statement.

Nizami claimed that there were over 20 fake Twitter accounts in his name.

He said, “The mischief makers not only posted objectionable tweets using the handle, they also used photo shop, wherein they juxtaposed some screenshot with fabricated tweets to give the impression that I had posted virulently anti-India things in the year 2013. If I would have been anti-India, then why would have I joined Congress (the largest democratic party in the world) and not the Hurriyat?”

He added, “Is there any proof in the print or electronic media where I have issued any anti-India statement?.The fact is that I was a noted journalist in the past and I had always talked about only social issues. My articles on social issues had been published in reputed newspapers of India in the past. If I ever had anything anti-state ideology in my mind, I would have surely utilised the journalistic platform available to me to float that opinion.”

“But the fact that there is no single such article, says that I have never indulged in any anti-state sentiment, and yes, I have vocally talked in press against anti-nationals, have always stood for integrity of nation, and secular, patriotic voices,” he added.

Nizami further said that the truth is that since yesterday, he had been at the hospital attending to his pregnant sister, as her husband was away, and added that he was the only male member present to take care of her medical needs.

He said that he simply had no time to engage in a public spat on Twitter.

Nizami said that he would file a complaint with the police against these mischief makers. (ANI)