Saturday , May 27 2017
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Congress to exert pressure on Govt. in Assembly for 12% Muslim reservation

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer, Leader of Opposition of Congress in Telangana Legislative Council wrote a letter to Chairman of the Council for allotting time for discussions on Muslim issues including 12% reservations for them. He informed that Congress got this issue on the agenda during the meeting of Business Advisory Committee. Although, Govt. has refused to increase the duration of the session, Congress party will make an attempt to ensure that Muslim issues including 12% reservation are discussed in the council. He reminded that Mr. KCR had promised that he would provide 12% reservation to Muslims within four months of TRS assuming charge but even after the lapse of 16 months, no initiative has been taken in this regard. It only shows that Govt. is not serious about providing reservations to Muslims. On the other hand, it is trying to divert the attention from this issue by appointing an enquiry commission. Mr. Shabbeer further told that Congress Party will insist for discussions on this issue in Assembly and Council in order to get the intentions of TRS Govt. He reminded that despite legal complications, Congress Govt. had started providing 4% reservations to Muslims which still continues. Under this provision, thousands of Muslim students were able to get admissions in various professional courses. He demanded the Govt. to spell out its policy on 12% reservation to Muslims.

–Siasat News