Thursday , July 27 2017
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Congress asked to lead war against anti-people policies of TRS & BJP govts

Stating that the Opposition parties have to play pivotal role in the democracy, intellectuals suggested to the main Opposition party the Congress party to wage a war against the State and Central governments for adopting “anti-people, education and employment policies”.

Participating in a workshop on “Education & Employment-Promises & Performance” organized by the TPCC at Gandhi Bhavan here on Saturday, Prof. Kancha Ilaiah has alleged that the BJP government was trying to abolish the existing best educational system and to introduce the communal and saffranization educational system. The Central government was trying to minimize the national leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Dr BR Ambedkar’s fame by introducing lessons on Savarkar and Deendayal Upadhyaya.

Alleging that there were no educationists in the present BJP government, Ilaiah alleged that the Narendra Modi government withdrew support to the 6000 model schools across the nation. “Even TRS government was not bothered about this”, he alleged. Stating that then YSR government introduced 6000 English medium schools across the State, Ilaiah alleged that the TRS government was closing down these schools.

“Farmers suicides are just because they are not in a position to provide English medium education to their children in private schools”, he said. Alleging that the RSS leaders were attacking Churches but admitting their children in Christian schools for good English medium education, he said RSS adopts dual standards.

Pointing out that Indians are heading Microsoft and Google companies just because of their education in English medium, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to change the education system. Asking the governments to introduce Kindergarten education system in government schools, he said the government schools were closing down just because of lack of kindergarten education system in government schools. He also alleged that the TRS government was not focusing on education system and the situation in the Universities in Telangana region was ringing danger bells. The Chief Minister was not giving any serious thought on this issue.

He urged the Congress leaders to announce an action plan to fight against the education and employment policies adopted by the state and Centre. He also asked the Congress party to protect the education in Telangana State. “The situation of committing suicides by the Telangana protagonists who fought for the separate Telangana state may arise in the Telangana State if the State government fails change its attitude towards education, funds and employment”, he warned.

Prof. Bangya Naik said the governments have to provide quality and equal education to the people. He alleged that BJP government reduced funds meant for education up to 30 percent.

Prof. PL Vishweshwar Rao alleged that the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been turning as Telangana’s Bal Thakre. He said everyone expected in the new Telangana State that the people would get quality education, health and other things but in vain.

Prof. Ramesh Reddy asked the Congress leaders to fight unitedly against the anti-people policies of TRS government at least for the welfare of the people of the newly formed State. “Corruption has become a part and parcel of the State just because of regional party’s rule”, he said.

Prof. Nageshwar asked the Congress to play a constructive role as a main opposition party in the State and fight against the anti-people policies of the State and Central governments. Earlier, Uttam Kumar alleged that the Modi government was watering down education system by introducing communal lessons. He alleged that the TRS government has totally failed in governance. He alleged that the TRS government diluted fees re-imbursement scheme and the government was not paying Rs.2500 crore fees reimbursement arrears. He also alleged that the State and Central governments miserably failed with regard to education and employment.

Senior leaders K Jana Reddy, Mallu Batti Vikramarka, J Geetha Reddy, KR Suresh Reddy, Ponnam Prabhakar, D Sridhar, DK Aruna, Padmavathi, MP V Hanumantha Rao and others participated in the workshop. (NSS)