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Coco got teary eye when Ice-T gushed over newborn

Washington D.C., Dec. 13: New mom Coco Austin got a teary eye when she heard Ice-T talk about his new-born daughter Chanel.

The 57-year-old rapper opened in a recent interview about how appreciative he is for all of the support he and his wife are receiving, E! Online.

He said that they are proud parents, and nowadays when one can put it all on the net for everybody to see, we have got such a response and added with so much haters out there they got 99.99 percent of love.

Ice-T added that he wasn’t sure how Chanel’s birth would impact him, but he thinks that he is really fortunate.

After hearing the interview, the 36-year-old actress tweeted, “When I listened to Ice’s podcast on Chanel I actually teared up to hear him talk about her. He is such a proud father. I couldn’t ask 4 better.” (ANI)