Sunday , May 28 2017
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China to end 15 yr ban on video game consoles

Washington DC, July 27 : It’s a relief for the gamers as China has finally decided to scrap its 15-year ban on video game consoles and companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will now be allowed to manufacture and sell consoles anywhere in the country.

It is being said that back in 2000, these Game consoles were first banned due to fear that the devices and the 3D worlds produced by them could impact children’s mental and physical development negatively, reported the Verge.

Though in 2014, China eased those restrictions by letting game console-makers operate in an experimental 11-square-mile area in Shanghai, those relaxed restrictions proved to be a major hurdle to console-makers, which had to enter into contracts to build new manufacturing facilities in the area.

However, now these restrictions have now been tossed entirely, opening up a massive new market for game consoles. (ANI)