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Chief Justice designate condemns Paris attacks

New Delhi, Nov. 19 : Chief Justice designate of India, Justice T.S. Thakur, on Thursday condemned the recent terror attacks in Paris and said the entire humanity needs to come together to fight terrorism.

Justice Thakur, who was speaking to the media after attending an International Conference on Cyber Law, Cyber Crime and Cyber Security, said there might be a possibility that internet was used in coordinating the attacks in Paris.

“I hope the world unites against this kind of terrorism. I am sure the world is realizing that it is time they rise against it in a united way, otherwise these things will continue unless there is a united fight,” said Justice Thakur.

Justice Thakur, who was appointed the next Chief Justice of India on Wednesday, will take over from Justice H L Dattu on December 3.

The fate of the mastermind of last week’s Paris attacks remains unknown even after yesterday’s seven-hour raid conducted by the French Police commandos on an apartment in Saint Denis suburb ended in bloodshed, killing two suspects.

The ISIS claimed responsibility for the 13/11 carnage in Paris which has left at least 132 dead. (ANI)