Saturday , August 19 2017
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Chandrababu behind all scams & shielding culprits: Jagan

Alleging that AP Chief Minister was involved in the sand mafia, Call Money and sex rackets, Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Assembly Y S Jaganmohan Reddy said he has not seen such an atrocious chief minister in the country and has no moral right to rule the State even for a day.

Chatting with the media after the Assembly was adjourned to Friday, the YSRCP president alleged that the TDP leaders not only played with the lives and honour of the innocent women, but also filmed their devilish acts into videos. Asserting that they have irrefutable evidence about the TDP leaders’ atrocious activities, Jaganmohan Reddy alleged that Chandrababu Naidu was shielding the sex maniacs. He also alleged that all these barbaric affairs were going on with with the full knowledge of the Chief Minister.

The YSRCP president also alleged that an MLA of the ruling party toured a foreign country along with the culprits in the Call Money Sex Rackets. But the police did not care to question the MLA after his return. Stating that they have photographs of Chandrababu Naidu with Intelligence DG in their possession, Jagan alleged that TDP MLA Buddha Venkanna’s own brother was one of the culprits in the scam. But surprisingly Venkanna was pleading innocence about the sensational racket though he was living in the same house along with his brother, he added.

The YSRCP chief questioned the State government as to why Bode Prasad was not held for questioning despite there was evidence that he had left several accused in foreign countries and returned alone. While the TDP MLC was neither questioned nor arrested, members of YSR Congress Party were immediately suspended from the Assembly for questioning the actions of the government, he said.

He also alleged that raids were conducted only on petty lenders leaving the prime accused.
Accusing the TDP of invoking the name of Ambedkar for political gains, Jagan said Babu has lost all political propriety when he invoked the great leader’s name.

Stating that there are Dusshasanas and Keechakas in the TDP, Jagan said while the Legislature Affairs Minister moved a resolution for suspension of two YSRCP MLAs, the Speaker suspended them for two days. He also alleged that Chandrababu Naidu did not accost even one culprit in the cases of Rishikeshwari and Vanajakshi. (NSS)