Sunday , July 23 2017
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Chanchalguda youth stage protest against blasphemer Kamlesh Tiwari

Youth of Mahdvia Tanzeem, came out in protest against blasphemer Kamlesh Tiwari and demanded that the government issue death penalty to him. A large number of youth and elderly were present in the rally taken out by the youth of Chanchalguda Mahdvia. The rally started from Chanchalguda Khalla, passed by various areas and reached Dabeerpura flyover, where the protestors burned the effigy of Kamlesh Tiwari.

Meraj Dildar Khan, Syed Misdaq Husain Khundmiri, Syed Abdul Quader Mujahed, Altaf Naseer Khan, Syed Masood Mahmoodi, Syed Raj Mohammed Ashfaq, Zabihullah Khan, Syed Amjad Mahmoodi, Salman Mohammed Khan, Syed Mohammed Bukhari and hundreds of youth were present on the occasion who expressed great ire for the blasphemer.

The youth told that they are staging a totally apolitical protest and every heart is grieved over the blasphemy of Prophet (pbuh). Kamlesh Tiwari has offended Muslims across India and he needs to be punished. We cannot hear any such words against our Prophet (pbuh). Holding a democratic protest the youth demanded that government take serious not of the issue and pronounce death penalty for Kamlesh Tiwari.

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