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C.M. neglected key issues in his ‘Independence Day’ speech – silent of Muslim reservations

Chairman of Minorities cell of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. Mohammed Khaja Fakhruddin alleged that Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao neglected many important issues in his Independence Day speech especially the reservations for the Muslims. He said that his silence on the issue of 12% reservations for the Muslim is deplorable. It has been the traditions that the Chief Minister fo the State highlights the programme of the State and makes an announcement of welfare schemes for various sections of society, but CM of Telangana State disappointed the people of the by his independence day speech.

Mr. KCR did not even bother to reinterate the promise he made about providing 12% reservation to the Muslims. Mr. Fakhrudding further told that Mr. KCR did not offer any gift to SCs, STs, BCs and women who constitute 50% of State population. He mentioned only about Grama Jyothi program which is to be launched on 17th August. Government of Telangana is introducing this programme only to achieve its political motives. Congress Party condemns it. He also said that the programmes “Our village our Plan” launched last year failed totally to achieve its objectives. CM and his cabinet colleagues are not in a position to explain the details of this scheme.

Mr. Fakhruddin further told that whatever welfare schemes initiated during Congress regime are being publicized as the deeds of TRS Government.

Reimbursement of tuition fees to professional college students and scholarship are the major achievements of Congress Government.

TRS Government is making an attempt to deprive poor students from getting these benefits by imposing various conditions. Many Engineering colleges have been closed down and in some other colleges, seats have been reduced. This is injustice to the students. He informed that Indiramma Housing Scheme for constructing houses for the poor was started during Congress period. TRS Government is not releasing funds for this scheme.

-Siasat News