Sunday , May 28 2017
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Brussels put on high alert due fear of Paris like attack

Brussels: Belgian capital Brussels has been put on highest level of security alert due to fear of a possible Paris like attack on the city.

The streets in the city bore a deserted look as security forces patrolled everywhere in Brussels following level four threat alert.

According to reports, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has said that the government will review the security situation in Brussels on Sunday afternoon.

Earlier, a man from Belgium was detained in Antalaya, Turkey, over suspicion of him being involved in last week’s terror strike in Paris, France, which left around 130 people dead.

Reports say that the arrested individual, Ahmet Dahmani, allegedly scouted target sites for the Paris attacks. He was arrested along with two Syrian nationals from a hotel in Antalya.

Belgium has been the centre of the Paris attack investigations after it emerged that two of the suicide bombers involved in the attacks had been living in the country. (ANI)