Sunday , August 20 2017
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`Braille erotica` for blind now a reality in Sweden

London, Oct 29 : Now blind people too can get in on the fun as a Swedish artist has created a ‘sensual Braille book,’ presenting the saucy publication for the first time to the country’s national library.

The ‘tactile’ tome features X-rated images of a woman wearing a strap-on, gay sex and group sex, and is believed to be the first written material of its kind to offer erotic stimulation to the visually impaired, the Independent reported.

33-year-old Nina Linde, who created the book in 2010, insists that despite its graphic content, it should not be labelled ‘porn.’

“The book is about sexual stimulation, I don’t think ‘porn’ is the right word,” she told The Local. “And sexual stimulation is for everyone.”

She further said that she was inspired to produce it after visiting the Braille Library in Stockholm and discovering there was “no dirty stuff at all for the visually impaired.”

Linde also revealed that she decided to enhance the sex lives of sight-impaired people after an experience in Chile while she was a student. (ANI)