Monday , May 29 2017
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Book Asiya Andrabi on charge of treason: Organizer

Terming as a “poisonous ploy” hardline Kashmiri women’s group leader’s inciting women to jihad, RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ has asked Jammu and Kashmir government to book such people on the charge of treason.

The editorial in the ‘Organiser’ has sought stern action against Asiya Andrabi, the founder of radical women’s outfit Dukhtaran-e-Millat, who unfurled a Pakistani flag on Indian soil on Independence Day.

“It is high time the government of Jammu and Kashmir book such people on charges of treason and give a stern message to insidious tendencies in the Valley,” it said.

The editorial also said “this poisonous ploy has to be uprooted and the best way to do that is providing quality education and training to everyone in Jammu & Kashmir irrespective of gender. Culturally and historically that education should provide correct perspectives on Kashmiriyat.”

“There have been incidents of unfurling Pakistani flag in a few districts of Kashmir Valley but Asiya Andrabi’s act of treason is far more dangerous than the terrorists infiltrating from Pakistan,” it said.

Asiya Andrabi, wife of a founding-member of Hizbul Mujahiddeen, Ashiq Hussain Faktoo who is in jail since 1992, wants to implement Islamic laws in Kashmir for which she believes separation from Bharat is “inevitable”, according to the editorial.

It further said while propagating her jihadi ideology, she is openly asking people to “kill the enemies of Islam…”

“After sending her son safely to Malaysia on Bharatiya passport to play cricket, she is instigating Kashmiri women through her group and a chain of schools run by it that the dream of Pakistan is incomplete without the merger of Kashmir.

“This women force….Has the potential to create more Jihadists than the terrorist organisations across the border,” the editorial said.

It further said “she is cutting off the womenfolk of the Valley from the Kashmiri culture which is deeply rooted in the Bharatiya civilisation. She is converting true Kashmiriyat into Pakistani version of political Islam, that also in the name of Kashmiri identity.