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Blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) not tolerable – Protest meeting at Indira Park

Hyderabad: It is the bounden duty of every Muslim to protect the sanctity of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) taking the risk his life. Anyone who compromises with this obligation does not have the right to call himself as the lover of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He cannot be a true Muslim unless he loves Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) more than his parents, his offspring and property.


A protest meeting was organized by Jamiatul Ulema yesterday  at Indira Park to register the sentiments of the Muslims against Kamlesh Tiwari who desecrated the name of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The gathering demanded the Govt. to hang Tiwari. The slogans “We are ashamed, O Prophet (PBUH)” and those who desecrate the name of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) should be beheaded. A large number of members of various organizations and Muslim scholars attended the protest meeting. The Muslims made it clear that they can tolerate anything but not the blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). They also told that by such mischief, the patience of the Muslim is being tested. If this situation continues, maintenance of peace would be difficult. The Muslim Ulema, in their speeches gave a message to the Govt. that if it does not take stern action against Kamlesh Tiwari, the protest would be further intensified. They also told that the Muslims are registering their protest within the framework of the Constitution of India. They demanded the Govt. to formulate laws to check such activities.


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Hafiz Peer Shabbeer Ahmed, President of Jamiatul Ulema, Maulana Naseeruddin and others addressed the gathering. They also criticized the statement made by former Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram who had said that imposing a ban on Salman Rushdie’s book, “Satanic Verses”. They also criticized heavily on the extension given to Tasleema Nasreen for her stay in India. The situation the Muslims are facing today is due to the tolerance of the stay of Tasleema Nasreen in India. They also threatened that if Kamlesh Tiwari is not punished, a massive protest meeting would be organized soon at Nizam College Ground. President of India would be requested to give an appointment for presenting a protest memorandum in this regard. If this appointment is not given by the President, a protest Dharna would be organized in front of Rashtrapati Nilayam, Secunderabad.


Hafiz Shabeer Ahmed lamented on the silence of Dy. CM, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali and other Muslim politicians. Maulana Naseeruddin condemned Salman Rushdie for writing “Satanic Verses” and told that we know his fate. With this incident, it is clear that anyone who desecrate the name of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), his punishment is death. He quoted second caliph of Islam, Hazrath Omer (R.A) saying that the faith of a Muslim is not complete unless he loves Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) more than his parents and his own life.


Maulana Raheemuddin Ansari, Maulana Jaffar Pasha and others also addressed the gathering. Addressing the newsmen, Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid told that anyone who desecrate the name of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) cannot be pardoned. He further told that such activities disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the country. He also told that any blasphemous activity against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) would not be tolerated at any cost. Mr. Mohammed Mubashiruddin Khurram, Staff Reporter of Siasat also address the gathering.



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