Sunday , July 23 2017
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BJP’s political rivals trying to communalise society: Gadkari

Panaji: Union minister Nitin Gadkari today accused the BJP’s political rivals of trying to “communalise” society, saying his party never believed in discrimination on the basis of religion.

“There are some political leaders who live on fear..Image versus reality. We have been accused of anti-minority by political rivals who want to communalise the society. BJP will never discriminate on religion, caste and sex. We are taking everyone along with us while ruling the country,” Gadkari said.

He was addressing a reception hosted for Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on his 60th birthday here, which was attended by more than 30,000 people.

In a veiled reference to China and Pakistan, Gadkari said,”….There are so many neighbouring countries which are prospering. They are just aiming to grab land of others. We are tolerant persons. We don’t want to invade neighbours, but that doesn’t mean we will tolerate anyone trying to create trouble for us. We have said that we want peace…The same peace that Mahatma Gandhi spoke about”.

Gadkari said only the strong and efficient power can give peaceful governance in the country.

Hailing Parrikar, Gadkari said the former is following politics as an “instrument for bringing socio-political reforms”.

“He (Parrikar) has maintained the same profile in public life right from the day he entered politics till date,” said Gadkari.

On the occasion, he proposed a special gallery depicting the history of Goa’s liberation on an upcoming bridge on Zuari river here.

“The proposed Zuari bridge should have a gallery displaying the liberation history of Goa for which my ministry will sanction the required amount.

“In next five years, roads worth Rs 5 lakh crore would be constructed across the coastal state, of which one per cent would be mandatorily used for plantation and beautification,” the Highways and Road Transport Minister said, adding that the foundation stone for the bridge would be laid shortly.