Sunday , July 23 2017
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BJP will face adverse results in Guj local body polls: Hardik

Escalating his aggression over the Patel quota issue, the agitation protagonist Hardik Patel today said the ruling will face “adverse” outcome in forthcoming local body polls even as he threatened to “dump” in “well” those politicians who kept mum on “atrocities” committed by police on members of his community last month.

Hardik also blamed the state government and police for the sporadic violence that had erupted after his arrest last night for defying the prohibitory orders in place for his ‘Ekta March’.

“This is such a condition where the ruling party can be uprooted from their power. We have dug a huge well where we will throw all the political leaders against us including the leaders of the ruling party.

“Due to this agitation, the ruling party will face adversein the upcoming local body elections. They will have to pay the price for the deaths of our nine youths,” Hardik told reporters in Surat while referring to the deaths that occurred during the violence that had spread after the August 25 rally of Patels.

The municipal and local bodies’ polls are likely to be held next month.

Earlier, Hardik put posters asking politicians “not to enter the housing societies of Patels for votes or for holding rallies.”

The posters had a punchline reading “the option of NOTA is self-respect for Patidars (Patel).”

“This is request from youths of the Patel community to leaders of BJP, Congress and any other political parties to not enter into our society for the purpose of political rally or for seeking votes.

“If they come to society and if any untoward incident happens, the residents of society will not be held responsible for them,” reads a poster.

When asked which political parties he is aiming at in the posters, Hardik said, “We are not putting banners to oppose any particular political party, but neither BJP nor Congress have as of now uttered a single word for police atrocities on our youths resulting in death of nine of them and injuries to thousand others.”

Hardik said Patels will oppose all those leaders.

“Therefore we have clearly written in that poster addressing the leaders of BJP and Congress to not come before us begging for votes. If you do not care for us, we don’t care for you.

“It (the poster war) is a strategic movement which will be taken out to villages and talukas of Gujarat,” he said.

Blaming the government and police for sporadic violence that took place yesterday, Hardik said, “They can go to any extent to break this movement.