Thursday , May 25 2017
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BJP questions UP Govt.’s ‘silence’ on Azam Khan’s string of controversies

New Delhi: Coming out all guns blazing on the Uttar Pradesh government over state minister Azam Khan’s recent controversial remark over an alleged rape victim from Kanpur, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday questioned Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for being unable to put an end to the minister’s string of inflammatory statements and have demanded Khan’s immediate suspension.

“It is an unfortunate comment that has from cabinet minister Azam Khan for a rape victim. What he should have done is take her application and ensure the police act on her complaint. Unfortunately he did not do that and instead he mocked her. By mocking he ensured the people sitting there were clapping, laughing and saying “look…by coming ahead and complaining you will become popular”. It is most shameful,” BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh told ANI.

Taking a swing at the Samajwadi Party (SP), BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli said the party’s ‘big’ leaders were more inclined to make provocative statement when it came to rape.

“Be it Mulayam Singh or Azam Khan, why do they say such things? Why is it the SP leaders come up with these kinds of most unfortunate comment on rape victims? How can a rape victim get glory from such a heinous act? This is condemnable and it is time that action is taken so that these statements don’t emanate from Azam Khan again,” Kohli told ANI.

Another party spokesperson Sambit Patra slammed Khan saying he has crossed all levels of decency with his recent statement and hit out at the UP Government and the Chief Minister questioning their stand on the controversial minister.

“What kind of message is the cabinet minister of UP and the state Chief Minister sending? Mulayam had said “boys will be boys” justifying rape, another minister of theirs said “there is nothing called gang rape” and now a third minister has admonished a rape victim saying they should stay silent and not make public complaint,” Patra told ANI.

He added that after Khan’s statement, the rape victims in UP won’t feel safe to go to the Police station complaining against any kinds of atrocities they face.

Earlier, Azam Khan advised an alleged rape victim who had come to him seeking help, to not go looking for ‘fame and attention’ for her ‘disgrace’ or else she won’t be able to face the world with dignity.

Khan made his new shocker yesterday while addressing a ‘Ganga ki Pukaar’ programme after the victim and her lawyer, following an arduous struggle, failed to meet with him.

“I will take her memorandum and go ahead but she sure has gained publicity now. Her complaint is clearly in connection to the disgrace she is facing but if she goes around spreading the incident that happened with her, how will she face the world?,” Khan said.

The rape victim has slammed Khan for his insensitive remark saying instead of helping her, he was making statements that do not match a man of his position. (ANI)