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BJP lashes out at Kejriwal, to conduct ‘Pol-Khol Abhiyan’ in next 48 hrs

New Delhi, Dec. : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday lashed out at Delhi Chief Minister Avind Kejriwal for using unparliamentary language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the CBI raided his Principal Secretary Rajender Prasad’s office.

“The BJP has taken the decision that it will launch a ‘pol-khol abhiyan’ against the AAP for the next 48 hours and will expose the party on the ground,” Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhayay told the media here.

“He should be ashamed of the kind of language he is using against the Prime Minister. This is not the language of democracy,” he added.

“The CBI is an independent agency; it is doing its work. The CBI must be having some proofs that is why it has raided on several places. You have made it a hell out of it, stating that the Chief Minister’s office was raided,” he further said.

Kejriwal earlier claimed that the CBI raided his office at the behest of Prime Minister Modi. He also went as far as to call the Prime Minister a ‘coward and a psychopath’.

“CBI lying. My own office raided. Files of CM office are being looked into. Let Modi say which file he wants?” Kejriwal tweeted.

“I am the only CM who dismissed, on my own, a minister n a senior officer on charges of corruption and handed their cases to CBI. If CBI had any evidence against Rajender, why didn’t they share it wid me? I wud hv acted against him,” he said in another tweet.

The CBI has registered a case against Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary Rajender Kumar for allegedly favouring a firm in getting contracts from Delhi government.

“FM lied in Parliament. My own office files are being looked into to get some evidence against me. Rajender is an excuse,” tweeted Kejriwal.

Refuting Kejriwal’s allegation on the raid on Chief Minister’s office, the CBI has said that the raid was conducted on the Principal Secretary’s office following a warrant. (ANI)^