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BJP labels Nitish Kumar new face of dictatorship

New Delhi Aug. 8 : Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan labelled Nitish Kumar as the new face of dictatorship on Saturday, and the Bharatiya Janata Party needed no certificate from the latter.

“Nistish should not think of himself as Bihar. There new ally, the Congress, one of their old leaders, had said he has digitalized India. It is his misunderstanding that he thinks of himself as Bihar. Nitish Kumar sets his own standards, if he likes it, then its ok, or else it’s bad. That’s not how society works,” said Pradhan.

“He politically criticises others. When broke away from the NDA, he criticised Lalu, saying he could not work with a dictator, and if you see his new character, he is the new face of dictatorship. That’s why he believes himself to be Bihar,” he added.

“Everyone has a right to politically criticize. Prime Minister had politically criticized.We don’t need Nitish’s certificate. Last time, Prime Minister gave answers to all of his questions. He answered one by one all the questions. People of Bihar have faith in the Prime Minister,” said Dharmendra.

“Nitish Kumar has been disrespectful, Nitish has his own perspective, he cannot see anything good. Nitish Kumar is the new face of dictatorship; he is the synonym of dictatorship. Who talks about social and political decency, should see themselves in the mirror first,” added Pradhan.(ANI)