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BJP, CPI (M) lock horns over police action on Kerala House

New Delhi/ Kochi Oct. 27 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday defended the Delhi Police action on Kerala House, saying the men in uniform acted as per the law.

“We must look at what the law of the land says. It says beef served in any of the restaurant is illegal. Now, if somebody complains to the Delhi Police then it is within their jurisdiction to go and investigate,” BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh told ANI.

“If one wishes to politicise everything related to beef and cow then it is very unfortunate,” he added.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) MP A. Sampath dubbed the incident as deplorable and said the Centre had humiliated the Kerala Government.

“As a Member of Parliament, I feel that it is a humiliation of the powers of the state government. What has happened here is highly deplorable and I suspect there might be some political motive behind it,” Sampath told the media here.

“The Chief Minister should give a reply to people of Kerala on what has happened,” he added.

Sampath also underlined the fact that buffalo meat was not banned in the national capital.

“How can somebody just by having the support of ‘Khaki’ (police uniform) say that you cannot cook it or serve it (buffalo meat) here?” he asked.

The Congress Party also condemned the incident and said that it was ‘an attempt to dismantle the federal structure of the country’.

K.V. Thomas, who was the Food Minister in the UPA regime, said there is no ban on beef curry.

Thomas said that all the state governments have their own representatives in the capital.

“If there was a complaint of any functioning in the Kerala House, they should have brought it to the notice of the Commissioner there and got the permission. They are purposefully destructing the federal structure of the country. This is very serious matter,” he added. (ANI)