Thursday , August 24 2017
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Bizzare: Groom demands NUDE SELFIE before marriage

Well a lot of marriages being called off for issues dowry like, car, gold or lakhs of money lack of proper hospitality. But this marriage was called off not for a house, money or car but alleged demand for a NUDE SELFIE of the bride-to-be by the groom .

Such a weird demand was kept by the 33- yer-old Jithendra Ramakrishna from Thane in Maharashtra who could not wait till his wedding.

Even after his to-be wife wasn’t comfortable with the idea, Jithendra asked the girl to send a nude selfie of herself, only then the marriage would get consummated or called off if his demand wasn’t fulfilled.

The groom’s family went ahead with the stupid demand and kept the condition before the bride-to-be and her family as a clause for getting married.They also demands Rs 3 lakhs in cash and a new motorcycle.

But the the girl and her family cancelled the marriage and immediately registered a complaint against Jithendra and his family.

On the basis of complaint, the groom and his family was arrested under the Dowry Prohibition Act.