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Bill Cosby’s doctorate degree withdrawn from Fordham University

Washington D.C., Sept 25 : Bill Cosby seems to be gradually losing respect from every person as after multiple sexual accusations his honorary doctorate degree from Fordham University has now been taken back.

The University Board of Trustees voted unanimously to revoke the award amid ongoing accusations that the American stand-up comedian drugged and sexually abused numerous women over the course of his career, E! Online reported.

The university said in a statement announcing its decision that a recipient’s actions would have to be both unambiguously dishonorable and have a deep impact and with his own admission, the comedy star’s sexual exploitation of women was premeditated and ongoing.

The 78-year-old comedian, who was honoured with a doctorate degree in 2001 for the significant role he played in breaking the color barrier in American television and popular culture, thereby becoming an inspiration for many African Americans.

Although, Cosby has not yet been charged with a crime and has denied the decades-old allegations of sexual assault and attempted sexual assaults.

Fordham University hasn’t ever withdrawn their honoured degree in it’s 174 year history. (ANI)