Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Bihar Elections: Bajrangi Bhaijan thanks Miya Bhaijan for their invaluable services

Patna: Bihar is facing ding dong battle between BJP and JDU in the north part of Bihar which had elections in the 4th and 5th phase where Muslims accounted for more than 22-35% of electorates.


In 2014 Parliamentary election, BJP lead in 27 seats out of 100+ seats from these Northern Bihar phase 4 and 5 but now in 2015, BJP is expected to win 50% of seats from this area, all thanks to division of Muslim votes and friendly role played by Muslim leadership in making its victory smooth and flawless.


Bajrang Bhaijan have special thanks for hate mongering Muslims politicians who have made this victory possible and all credit to our farsighted Muslim leadership from all over the country in giving  Bihar to BJP on  platter.

BJP Leadership are so happy with the hate Mongering speeches of these leaders that they are looking forward that more Muslim leaders emerge in future so that they work is much easier.

Millions of CDs of their hate speeches are distributed all over the country by BJP leaders so that awakening and hate are imbibed in the minds of majority community’s younger generation.
This is the first time in Bihar elections that Dalits and Upper caste have voted for BJP and allies.

As some Muslim leadership has tried to divide Muslim votes, BJP is going to win from majority of Muslim dominated seats in the next 6 hours.
All credit for the success of BJP goes to Muslims leadership and Amit Shah for manipulating and making it possible for BJP to come to powerful position in Bihar by purchasing Minorities leadership in Bihar.
Now the Sangh Pariwar is very optimistic that these Muslims leaders will help them in future also and make their way in Uttar Pradesh, Assam and West Bengal where elections will be held in next 2 years.