Thursday , August 17 2017
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Bharti misbehaved with me, children, says Lipika Mitra

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Somnath Bharti’s wife Lipika Mitra on Wednesday said the former misbehaved with her and use to hit her in the bedroom of their home.

“My complaint is based on facts and evidence. He (Somnath) is misbehaving and beating his wife(Lipika) and children inside the bedroom. I don’t understand how the AAP, Central Government or a third party is responsible for this, “Mitra told ANI.

“The FIR has been filed three months after I complained to the Delhi Police. Bharti being a lawyer should respect the law and cooperate with the police in the investigation. If he thinks that the allegations are false then he should come forward and make his point,” Mitra added.

Bharti, on the other hand, rubbished the domestic violence case filed against him by his wife Lipika Mitra, saying he has audio and documentary evidence, that would reveal the actual truth.

“The allegation of attempt to murder has been put on me by the lady, who says “sweet heart when you will come home, I will take care of you” in an SMS. This SMS was sent to me by her ( Lipika Mitra) on February 25, 2015. Can you imagine a wife calling her husband in such a way who is trying to murder her?” asked Bharti.

“I have audio and documentary evidences, which will bring out the truth and prove that all the allegations against me are false,” he added.

The AAP MLA surrendered at a police station on Wednesday to join the investigation of a domestic violence and attempt to murder case filed against him by his wife. (ANI)