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Benedict Cumberbatch gives ‘electrifying’ performance in ‘Hamlet’

London, Aug. 6 : With Benedict Cumberbatch making his debut as Hamlet, his play has become the fastest-selling one in the British history with tickets being traded on eBay for 1,500 pounds.

Tabloid media revealed that the 39-year-old actor’s opening night performance at London’s Barbican theatre lived up to the hype it created and theatergoers have described his acting as an electrifying, sublime and riveting performance, reported the Mirror.

Praising the ‘Sherlock’ star’s debut performance, Erin Luddy tweeted, “Benedict Cumberbatch is sublime, SUPREME and downright sumptuous as Hamlet! Amazing acting, set, direction et al!”

Another praised the impressive set designed by multi-award winner Es Devlin by tweeting, “Stunning set, great concept and bloody hell that lad can act! # HamletBarbicanBravo to the entire company on your first preview.”

Cumberbatch fans camped outside the theatre in an attempt to clinch some last-minute tickets.

Reportedly, each day of the 12-week production 30 tickets are being released costing 10 pounds on a first-come first-served basis.

The show runs from August 5 until October 31. (ANI)