Friday , August 18 2017
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Beef and murder threaten Modi’s inclusive agenda, speak up!

The murder of Akhlaq by angry Hindu mob over alleged beef eating has thrown a spotlight on the hardline, polarizing the agenda of some followers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, undermining his promise of development for all.

On a tour of Silicon Valley last, Modi won a pledge from Microsoft to provide low-cost Internet for 500,000 villages to back his vision of a globally networked “Digital India”.

One such village is Bisara, 50 km, from the capital New Delhi, where a crowd of assailants broke into Mohammed Akhlaq’s home, beat him to death and dragged his body out into the street.

Eeryone got a word in about the Dadri “beef” murder, except the prime minister himself. PM Narendra Modi seems too busy in marketing and promoting the country.

The breathlessness of the media and the illogical comments of people in and out of positions of power followed. But the otherwise eloquent prime minister doesn’t have a word to say.

The local Member of Parliament, Mahesh Sharma, who is also Modi’s culture minister, hit the headlines with statements “killing could have been an “accident”. But Sharma isn’t alone in spitting venom, there are many. These are the men you are allowing to speak on your behalf, Modiji.

Can the PM take a moment to perhaps tweet his condolences to Akhlaq’s kin, as he tweeted congratulations and wishes to the Indian cricket team during the 2015 World Cup?

The beef-consuming President of the US, who our PM seems to admire, openly expresses grief over Oregon shooting. He did not shy from the media or fly off to campaign somewhere.

Akhlaq’s two sons, one serving the nation, the other in hospital, do not deserve to have lost their father, for alleged beef eating.

“The world where you [Modi] are roaming, marketing and promoting your country, just think once what kind of food they eat from dawn to dusk. That’s why we should not interfere in each other’s way of life,” UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said,

I once read somewhere that you wake up early each morning and read most of what is written about you. I earnestly hope you read this, and I earnestly hope you speak up, because secular Indians want you to speak, Mr PM.