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Batla House encounter 7th anniversary: Protest march were taken out demanding justice for victims

A protest march was taken out on 19th September on the 7th anniversary of the Batla house fake encounter.
The march was led by the National General Secretary PV Shuhaib.

Addressing the students, PV Shuhaib said: “The demand for judicial inquiry into the matter was rejected by the Union and state governments saying that such an inquiry will demoralise Delhi Police. It means that the government already believed that the boys were terrorists and conviction of Shahzad is a foregone conclusion”.

He expressed shock and dismay, and termed the Batla House fake encounter tragedy as a conspiracy hiding the truth.

Advocate Yusuff (NCHRO National Secretary) while addressing the protester, said: “The killing of youths at the L18 Batla house on 19 September 2008 was not an encounter but a cold blooded killing. Thus we demand the NDA government to order for an independent enquiry in the killing”. It’s been 7 years of injustice, 7 years of a tragedy and 7 long years of wait for justice. We shall not budge and day after day, year after year the demonstrations will continue till the victims are given justice. People believe that the killing of youth at Batla house and conviction of Shazad recently is a case of utter injustice. The court’s verdict did not question the genuineness of the encounter, we respect the judiciary but it was not the end of the road. Our stress for the judicial probe will continue. There were several bomb blasts in the last decade in India. After each terror incident Muslim youth were arrested and made scapegoats. But later due to investigation of officers like Hemant Karkare, the hand of Hindutva was exposed behind the blasts.”

According to Indian Express report, Rashtriya Ulema Council (RUC) President Maulana Amir Rashadi said:

“Modi has announced that his doors are open for Muslims even at midnight. We want to meet him at 12 noon. A formal letter requesting an appointment will be sent tomorrow We will explain to him the injustice done to us during the Congress regime. Our boys were murdered by police in a fake encounter. The Congress did not accept our demand for a probe. We hope Modi will be different from Congress.”