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Bangistan where humanity is the only religion

New Delhi, Aug.7 : The movie is set in a hypothetical country called Bangistan. The country is divided into North Bangistan, which is occupied by Muslims, and South Bangistan, which is occupied by Hindus. As the name suggests there is always animosity between the two sides, and there are constant explosions.

But, there are two gentlemen, one a Shankaracharya and the other a Maulvi, who believe in the promotion of peace and brotherhood and remain constant in their endeavor to North and South Bangistan.

The movie revolves around two wannabe terrorists, Muslim going by the name of Hafeez (Riteish Deshmukh), and the other a Hindu named Praveen (Pulkit Samrat). Both are lured by extremist groups, one Muslim and the other Hindu.

The two gentlemen head to Poland to attend a world religious meet to propagate their message of peace and brotherhood. The extremist groups learn about this and recruit both Hafeez and Praveen as suicide bombers with the objective of disrupting the meeting.

Hafeez assumes a Hindu name Ishwarchandra, while Praveen assumes the name of Allah Rakha Khan. They travel to Poland and find themselves living in the same building. These two then contact arms dealers and learn how to make a bomb. They become friends and start partying only to realize what brotherhood is all about. The two become friends with Rosy (Jacqueline) who is a waitress at a pub and tells them she just aspires to be a good person sans religion.

Well, the rest of the movie is up to you to decipher, and, there is a good social message at the end. The movie has been carefully directed so that it does not hurt any religious sentiments, but highlights how religion affects us.

Actors Riteish and Pulkit have performed satisfactorily. Jacqueline looks stunning during her cameo. The movie is certainly watchable. (ANI)