Saturday , July 22 2017
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B.Tech Student arrested for luring schoolgirls into sharing nude pictures

Hyderabad: A B.Tech student has been arrested for luring schoolgirls to send him their nude pictures. Accused used to send friend request to the girls studying in class VIII to Intermediate from his fake Facebook accounts. Pretending to be a girl, he used to say that she is new to the city and has no friends. Thinking that accused is a girl, victims used to accept and become friendly. While chatting accused used to get personal details and also ask about their sexual encounters. Once the victim shares her personal details, accused used to start blackmailing them by saying that he would send chat history to her parents and ask victims to send her nude pictures. In 15 months he had contacted more than 200 girls and secured nude pictures of more than 80 victims. The Cyber Crime Police arrested the accused after one of the victim’s parents approached them.


Accused is a student of third year B. Tech Computer Science. He used to target schoolgirls but none of them told neither to their parents nor approached the police.


While investigating the case, officials checked the chat history and found that one victim had begged him not to ask for more money. Official said that the victim had already paid more than Rs 80,000 to him and she was begging not to ask more. Official also said that accused also made many unsuccessful attempts to extort money from other victims. Police also suspect that he wanted to sexually exploit the victims. He has been sent to judicial remand.