Thursday , July 27 2017
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Australian couple harassed in Bengaluru over tattoo of Hindu goddess

Bangaluru: An Australian couple was harassed by a group of people at a restaurant in Bengaluru on Saturday, for sporting the tattoo of Hindu goddess Yellamma on his shin. They even threaten the young man to skin his leg.

Law student Matthew Gordon (21) and his girlfriend Emily Kassianou (20) from Melbourne were planning to stay in the city till February. But after facing harassed not only by an angry mob but also the police, over the tattoo on Saturday, they have said fear has made them consider leaving the city and even the country.

The couple was accosted by the mob outside a restaurant on Residency Road. The mob confronted them about his tattoo of the goddess. One of them has threatened to skin Gordon’s leg and remove the tattoo. The Ashoknagar police arrived at the spot. Gordon and his friend were taken to the police station and the mob followed where a Police and crowd alleged Matt to write an apologizing letter and also gave a “lesson on Hindu values” by the police.

“The policemen advised me on Hindu religion and insisted I give a written apology for not covering my goddess tattoo, even as the group just watched. I tried taking law points, but had to finally give in as my girlfriend was in tears as the cops wouldn’t let us go,” Mr. Gordon said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Sandeep Patil, termed the matter “trivial.” “Both parties have reached a compromise and there is nothing serious about it,” he said.