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Atmosphere of intolerance created by BJP, says Congress

New Delhi, Nov. 30 : The Youth Congress on Monday protested over the intolerance issue outside Parliament street police station in Delhi, saying the atmosphere of intolerance in the nation has been created by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“The atmosphere of intolerance has been created by this party (BJP). In this country of ours, there is an Ali in Diwali and a Ram in Ramzan, let us never forget that,” senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia said.

“Our nation’s specialty is unity. We have to protect that specialty. The youth will have to protect the nation. The RSS have burnt the effigies of B.R. Ambedkar,” he added.

Scindia further said that the real faces of the BJP have been revealed now.

“They do not want to hold discussion over tea, rather they want to discuss beef. I am confident that the people of the nation will give them a befitting reply,” he said.

Standing firm in opposition to the contentious intolerance debate, Scindia used dramatic gestures to persuade the crowd.

Police had put barricades to control the crowd and had to resort to water cannons to disperse them.

Earlier in the day, there was uproar in the Lok Sabha after CPI (M) leader Mohammed Salim targeted Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh for allegedly describing Prime Minister as India’s ‘first Hindu ruler after 800 years’.

“Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that for first time in 800 years, a Hindu has become India’s PM,” he said.

The Home Minister, on his part, expressed his disappointment over the CPI (M) leader’s remark, saying he has never been hurt as much as today in his entire parliamentary career.

“If a Home Minister gives such a statement, then, he should not be in such a position,” he added.

The Lok Sabha is presently holding a debate on the situation arising out of incidents of intolerance in the country under rule 193. (ANI)