Thursday , July 27 2017
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AR Rahman, Majidi slammed for movie on Prophet(PBUH), Fatwa issued

Raza Academy, a Mumbai-based Sunni Muslim organization has issued a fatwa against Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi and Indian music composer A R for the film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’.

The group has also approached the Union Home Minister, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and the Iranian Consulate in India seeking a ban on the movie, calling it as blasphemous and claimed that the movie will hurt the sentiments of Indian Muslims.

In the fatwa, the group cited the reasons that “Prophet’s(Pbuh) word that no visual or picture of him be created or kept”. The fatwa also claims that the film makes a mockery of Islam.

Anyone who wants to highlight the life of Prophet Mohammad(Pbuh) should spread his sayings and teachings, and not through a movie, said a member of the group.

It is to be noted that Majidii made a film on the life of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) at a cost of $40 million. Iran’s most expensive movie to date. The first part of the trilogy, focus on the childhood of the Prophet (Pbuh) and adolescence till he becomes a prophet.

After its world premiere on August 27, the film opened in Iran at 57 screens. The film is being dubbed in many languages and soon likely to be released all around the world.

The fatwa adds that the Muslims working on the film, “especially Majidi and Rahman, have committed blasphemy and thus have to read the kalma again and also solemnize their marriage again”.

However AR Rahman remained unavailable for comments on Fatwa.