Sunday , August 20 2017
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AP House justifies yearlong suspension of Roja

BJLP leader in the AP State Legislative Assembly Vishnu Kumar Raju today opined that one-year suspension on YSRCP member R K Roja was justifiable.


Speaking in the House on the last day of the winter session of the Assembly on Tuesday, Vishnu Kumar Raju said the one-year suspension imposed on Roja was correct. He clarified that earlier he was not aware of what Roja had spoken, but he came know what Roja exactly spoke after listening to the House records. Therefore, he was withdrawing his demand of lessening the duration of Roja’s suspension.

During a discussion on suspension on Roja earlier, all members in the House justified the one-year suspension imposed on the YSRCP member. However, several members felt that Roja should be made ineligible to contest elections for life. TDP senior member Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdhary said the House should have banned Roja for the entire term as she made atrocious remarks not only against a Dalit member Anitha, but also against Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He said Roja was speaking filthy language not only in the House but also outside. Roja has no right to enter the House at all, he aded.

Another member Kimiti Mrunalini said Roja’s remarks against a fellow member were not proper and one-year suspension against Roja was totally correct. She asked the House to initiate severe action against the Leader of the Opposition for extending support to Roja. She also urged that action should be taken to see that Roja was debarred from contesting elections for her life. (NSS)