Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Antique toys to be showcased at Salarjung Museum

Children’s gallery at Salarjung Museum will soon be refurbished at Salarjung Museum in which an array of eye-catching toys. Spread over 5000 sq. ft on the first floor in the Central Block, it promises to be a visual treat for the youngsters. The Rs. 40 lakh-gallery will showcase hitherto unseen collections of Salar Jung. In all there will be 6000 objects.

A. Nagendar Reddy, incharge director, SJM said, clay models depicting life in a typical Indian village, porcelain birds and animals of China and Japan, replicas of fruits and vegetables, beautifully modeled wild animals in bronze and other metals apart from clay models of domesticated animals, the toy armies, both artillery and infantry, tiny musical instruments like harmonium, veena, guitar, tabla, dholak, a toy train complete with railway stations, platforms and tracks, transport system, including horse drawn carriages, jeeps, cars, buses, aeroplanes and even rocket models will be on display.