Saturday , July 22 2017
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‘Androgyny’ trending for men as designers give men’s wear feminine touch

Washington: Seems like it’s the time for men to get a feminine touch in the clothes they wear as the designers are taking up lace collars, sheer shirts and skirt for their latest collection.

Talking about the change in menswear, designer David Hart said that the classic male archetype has changed and evolved and designers are looking for different ways of dressing for men, reported Baltimore Sun.

The movement has been building for a while. It was heavily featured during the fall fashion shows, where there was a definite gender-blurring feel among the menswear collections.

Earlier, Designer Alessandro Michele led the charge when he sent male models down the runway in sheer lace tops, blouses with bows and flared Jacquard pants.

Even Hollywood celebrities have been successfully rocking gender-bending looks for years and it’s not just the man-bun moment popularised by Jared Leto, Orlando Bloom and director Cary Fukunaga, Celebs have continued to incorporate style tips from their female counterparts’ fashion playbook.

Hart said that the change excites him and this would become a big interest and a big influx in the United States.

Talking about the idea of the dressing, he added that he was lost with his fashion and realised that he could wear female and male and intertwine as before that he felt that no one was paying attention to what he was wearing but now they are. (ANI)