Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Amer Khan advocates simple Muslim marriages in “Satya meva Jayate” TV show

Hyderabad: In the last episode of “Satya meva Jayate” TV show, Mr. Amer Khan has very effectively presented the burning topic of Muslim girls’ marriages and gave a message that simple marriages bring peace and tranquility in lives.

In the TV program a scene of a Muslim marriage held in Mumbai was presented in which the guests were fetched only by sweet drink (sherbet). The parents of the bride Sikandar and Khalida and the parents of the bridegroom, Maksood and Rehana were of the opinion that simple marriages save unnecessary expenditure. In his TV program, Mr. Amer Khan talked to Mr. Mohsin Umidi of Khuddamul Muslimeen of Burhanpur (M.P) and Mr. Akhtar Kazmi (Mumbai). They said that the Muslims of Burhanpur have been adopting the system of simple marriages. Mr. Amer Khan asked Ms. Shahnaz and Sufia, the lady teachers associated with this organization the reason for participating in the movement for simple marriages. They told that parents of the bride incur huge debts for the marriages of their daughters. They told that as parents feel happy on the birth of a son, they should also express their joy on the occasion of the birth of a daughter. In such a case they will not have to bear the burden of giving dowry to the bridegroom. In Burhanpur, for the past 60 years, not a single bride committed suicide for not giving dowry by her parents. The marriages held in Mumbai and Burhanpur do not engage musical bands and they do not explode crackers. Marriages are celebrated during day time in mosques. In short, simple marriages can make the economic condition of the Muslim families better.

–Siasat News