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All religions have equal rights in constitution – OU students organized beef eating program

Hyderabad: Dalit, Bahojan, Tribal and Minorities Students of Osmania University beef eating program in front of Arts College yesterday to register their protest against the killing of Akhlaq Ahmed of Dadri Village (UP) on the rumours of keeping beef in his house.

Democratic Students’ Union, Telangana Vidyarti Sangam, Telangana Dalit Students’ Federation, TVV and Muslim Students’ Organization arranged this program. Hundreds of students participated in the beef eating program and condemned the heinous incident of Dadri. These students challenged the communal elements to treat the students of Arts College in the same manner as they did to Akhlaq Ahmed.

Student leaders, K. Srinivas, Arunak, Azad, M. Bhaskar, G. Sudhershan, G. Sitaramulu and others told that the silence on Dadri incidents is a serious danger for the functioning of Democratic system of India.

They further told that in the constitution of India, Special Provisions have been made for every religion and sect. The students leaders told that imposing any restrictions on a religion would be violation of Constitution of India. They condemned the incident of killing an innocent person on the rumour of keeping beef in his house. Forensic report confirmed that it was mutton not beef which was kept in Akhlaq Ahmed’s fridge. They alleged the Central Govt. that by imposing a ban on cow slaughter in BJP ruled State Governments, it is encouraging the communal elements. In order to prevent incidents such as Dadri, it is essential for the secular organizations to get united. The student leaders further told that banning the eatables for the followers of a certain religion would be undemocratic. Dalit students’ origination leaders told that more than the Muslims, Hindu Dalits eat beef since eating beef helps fight diseases like TB. They also told that beef is a useful and healthy food. Since most of the people belonging to Dalits, Bahojan, Adivasi and Minorities use beef abundantly, it is creating anxiety among the communal forces.

–Siasat News