Friday , May 26 2017
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All AIIMS to deliver ‘One’ standard

New Delhi: All the seven AIIMS in the country have decided to work in a collaborative manner under the banner ‘AIIMS One’ as a part of which they will be following basic minimum standards for patient care, teaching, training and research.

“The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has become a brand with which people identify quality health care at an affordable cost.

“This is a momentous step towards achieving consistency in the quality of patient care, teaching and research. The aim is to prevent dilution of this brand value which has been built painstakingly over the last half a century and 15 years.

“All AIIMS have agreed that AIIMS Delhi will be the ‘mother AIIMS’ or ‘mentor AIIMS’ for all the existing and upcoming AIIMS in the country,” said Dr Deepak Agrawal, additional professor, Neurosurgery, and Chairman, Computerisation, AIIMS.

“I am very happy to see this proactive collaboration and I am sure that this will ensure that all AIIMS have the same standards or exceed the standards that AIIMS, Delhi, has set,” said AIIMS Director M C Mishra. Other areas where cooperation was agreed to include IT implementation at AIIMS, Delhi, and network infrastructure.

Under the Prime Minister’s initiative of digital India, AIIMS online appointment system was selected as one of the projects to be rolled out across the country. In this direction all AIIMS have to have their OPDs on appointment system which can be accessed online.