Sunday , July 23 2017
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Alia helps Shahid duck questions on marriage

Alia Bhatt often comes to the rescue of her “Shaandaar” co-star Shahid Kapoor and helps him avoid questions related to his marriage.

In the past, at the trailer launch of ‘Shaandaar’, Alia always interrupted when Shahid was asked anything about his marriage.

Last evening, at a promotional event of the film, she continued playing his saviour.

The event revolved around the theme ‘Make your first move’.

So when Shahid was asked who made the first move in his relationship — he or his wife Mira, he avoided the question saying, “What? This is ‘Shaandaar’ event. In your life who made the first move? Your husband (to the journalist)… So he won. After marriage husband gets success.”

When asked why Shahid was so reserved about his personal life, Alia interrupted and said, “Because it is personal.”

Shahid thinks it is not fair to ask personal questions when he is working.

“You all ask about my personal life when I am doing my work. When I am not working that time you ask me,” he added.

One of the journalists present said the media, which had supported him all through his career, wants to know something about him and Mira.

Shahid looked at Alia, who took the mike from the journalist.

“I am protective about Shahid. We are here for ‘Shaandaar’, so I get irritated when everyone asks personal stuff when we are at work front. We can only talk about work,” she said.