Sunday , May 28 2017
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Akhlaq’s last phone call was to his Hindu friend

New Delhi: Even as politicians of all shades are busy taking political mileage from the tragic killing of Mohammad Akhlaq, there are other narratives on Bisada that suggest all is not lost in the once peaceful village near Dadri in Greater Noida.

As per a report in The Times of India, the last call Akhlaq made seeking help was to his childhood friend Manoj Sisodia, a Hindu.

The report said that Akhlaq called up Sisodia and said, “Manoj, we are in danger. Inform the police and ask them to send the force.”

Sisodia reacted promptly and informed the police and he himself ran to his friend’s house, 500 metres away.

He reached there in 15 minutes just when the police also arrived. However, all was over by then.

Sisodia rues that he could not save his friend from the mob.

Expressing shock, Sisodia said Hindus and Muslims have always lived peacefully, they (Muslims) never face any danger.