Friday , July 21 2017
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Akhlaq’s last call was to his Hindu friend for help

Before being lynched to death by an angry mob in Dardri, Mohammad Akhlaq had called up his childhood friend Manoj Sisodia for help.

Though Sisodia informed the police and reached the spot in 15 minutes after the call, he could not save his best friend’s life.

Sisodia said he was shocked at his friend’s death since the village had never seen any communal violence till that day, reports Times of India.

”Manoj, we are in danger. Please call up the police and ask them to send a force”, Akhlaq told Sisodia over phone.

“We never imagined that something like this could happen to us in the village…..those who grew up before us and with whom we had very good relations, suddenly turned foes,” said Akhlaq’s 85-year old mother Asghari.

The family seems to be firm on leaving the village. “After whatever happened, we cannot think of staying at the village anymore. It will always haunt us if we remain there,” said Akhlaq’s elder brother Afzal.