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Against All Odds: Aqeela Abdullah’s journey to IAS

Aqeela Abdullah who lives in a small village of Malabar, Kerala proved that if there is a will there is a way. She also proved that once can succeed despite what seems like insurmountable challenges with hard work and diligence. Education is not given much importance in the village where she lives; especially when it comes to girl education primary level education is considered enough. But Aqeela’s father didn’t overlook his daughter’s education. He is working in Middle East and his wife is a teacher in the same village. Aqeela Abdullah studied medicine but she wanted to be an IAS officer. Her husband who also studied with her in the medical college played a remarkable role in making her dream come true.

Aqeela studied till primary level in her own village later she was sent to a boarding school in Kozhikode as her father wanted his daughter to study through English medium. Her elder brothers and sisters were already studying in the boarding school. Her parents didn’t discriminate between sons and daughters. Aqeela wanted to play an important role in the development of nation hence she had a great passion for IAS. Although she was studying medicine, she spent most of her time in the library reading magazines and newspapers to increase her knowledge. Meanwhile she met a student named Rabi who also took admission in her class. Later they married. Her husband played a significant role in fulfilling her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Aqeela joined 3-month coaching in Delhi. On the question of Hijab she says she never find it an obstacle. Now that she has become an IAS officer should she avoid Hijab? On this question she feels when the constitution has given her freedom, why would she change her identity. She says there should be no compulsion regarding personal freedom.

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