Friday , July 21 2017
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After Patel, now Jats community demand reservations, threatened a massive nationwide protest

While Gujarat continues to burn after members of the influential Patel community, demanding quotas in government jobs, clashed with the police and local, the reservation fire is about to engulf New Delhi and Haryana too.

Now the Jats community has threatened to seal Haryana border along Delhi and threatened to stop milk, vegetable and water supplies to national capital if the Union government fails to implement reservation for the community.

Various Jat organizations including Khaps will hold a meeting in Sonipat on August 30, to discuss the strategy to block Kundli Border in Sonipat, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Uttar Pradesh borders.

Another meeting has been scheduled at Nazafgarh, New Delhi on September 6 which will be attended by the heads of various Khap Panchayats besides prominent community leaders from Haryana.

“We don’t think that the state and central governments are taking the Jat reservation issue seriously, compelling us to protest,” head of Malik Khap Ashok Madina said.

Sources said that Jats will launch a mass contact programme to reach out to the farmers and milkmen after these meetings to get their nod for stopping supplies of milk and vegetables during the protest.

“I have come to know that efforts are being made to incite Jat youths and to create a divide among the Jat community. I appeal the Jat youths to act diligently and to present a united face, head of Malik Khap.

Meanwhile state chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar refused to comment on the proposed Jat stir on Thursday when asked to comment on the proposed Jat reservation protest.

The Supreme Court in March this year had scrapped UPA government’s notification which had declared Jats as backward class.