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After Indian nurses , now Indian teachers appreciate ISIS

Bengaluru: Whatever  information  people around the world get  about IS is presented by US/West controlled media.  In fact very few people know the reality about  what is going on in IS controlled territories. Many videos and images  which went viral on social media about the atrocities of IS  were found fake by Russian forensic labs.The only   first hand information  we got about ISIS  was the narrative by Indian nurses who were detained  by IS in Iraq  July 2014.

Last year a group of 46 Indian nurses were  held “against their will” in a part of Iraq seized by Islamic militants. On their returning back to India what they said about ISIS  was surprising.

“They didn’t do anything, they didn’t disturb us and they didn’t harm anyone… They talked nicely,” one of the Indian nurses said.(Aljazeera)

“They told us that you are all our our sisters. You would not be harmed. But we did not believe them”, said another nurse Sandra .(First Post)

Now one of the four Indians  detained in ISIS-controlled territory in Libya appreciated the behaviour of ISIS after their release.

 Vijay Kumar, on Tuesday said that although he was not harmed during his detention, the last statement made by ISIS before releasing him was a request to ‘follow Islam’ reported ANI.

“The IS people who took us just asked us if we were Muslims or non-Muslims. Since we were non-Muslims they detained us in camps and they did not do anything. They did not harm me; they did not even touch me or any of the four people,” Kumar said.

“They told us since we taught their students they released us but asked us to follow Islam. This was their last statement. I am not going back, this is my final exit. The other two are still under detention,” he added.

Two of the four Indians detained in ISIS-controlled territory in Libya have been released, according to the Ministry of External Affairs

The two men were reportedly detained at a checkpoint about 50 km outside Sirte town on Wednesday while on their way back to India.

They had been working at the Sirte University and have been in Libya for over a year, add reports.



–Courtesy “Muslim Mirror”