Thursday , May 25 2017
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Afghan youth raise their concern on gender inequality through a seminar

New Delhi: Afghan refugees in Delhi are taking an initiative to create gender equality awareness.
Recently, the Afghan Youth Club of Bosco, an implementing partner of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), raised the issue of gender inequality in Afghanistan at a seminar.

The seminar witnessed the participation of young Afghan refugees who aspire to bring societal changes, especially for Afghan women who have been deprived of basic rights for ages.

There are at least five Afghan youth clubs under BOSCO all across Delhi and they work on pressing issues by campaigning and spreading the message of equality and importance of education for women.

Ruhina, an Afghan refugee in Delhi, is also working to generate awareness about gender equality back home.
“Afghan women face lot of problem; they are not allowed to go to school. We want to change the idea about women through our seminar,” said Ruhina, an Afghan youth leader.

The Afghan Youth Club conducts seminars and campaigns on issues like importance of education, sexual gender bias in war-torn Afghanistan.

“Our message for the women is that everyone has their own right and everyone is equally created and they should be treated equally and they should be strong enough to fight for their rights and that’s what we are here to do and helping them to make some effort to,” said Daryush Takhar, another Afghan youth leader.
Ragina hopes to bring education and freedom for women in Afghanistan.

“Afghan women are not allowed to go out of their home for education and child marriage is another hurdle for women as they get married at an early age,” said Ragina, an Afghan refugee.
Bosco has been assisting Afghan refugees by providing education, skill development programmes to lead a sustainable life.

“We put front face as youth so with that youth face we have to be little flurry with them, gel with them and we do different entertainment programmes for them, sports programme. So all these help them, in order to side track themselves and to be in right track learn something from here and get a job and lead their life,” said Anand Kumar, coordinator, BOSCO.

As per UNHCR, there are almost 10,000 Afghan refugees staying in India.
By Neelapu Shanti (ANI)