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AAP is a vehicle to loot the Govt.: Congress

New Delhi, Dec. 4 : Taking potshots at the Aam Aadmi Party over its move to increase the salary of the Delhi lawmakers, the Congress Party on Friday said the former has become a vehicle for looting the government.

Calling the hike unjustified, Congress Leader Sandeep Dikshit said it is AAP’s lust for money and power that has driven them to do this.

“The AAP has become a vehicle for looting the government , their MLAs are going to get astronomical salaries, their volentiers have got various jobs in the government without any qualifications, half of them are not even worthy of being in a secretariat job. So, basically this has become a loot government,” Dikshit told ANI here

“Yes, certainly salary must go up and they should keep in touch with how expenditure goes up, but what they have done is basically their lust for money and power. That is what has driven the AAP government. This is what they are doing to increase their own salaries,” he added.

Dikshit further marked that in the last one year they (AAP) have done nothing for the people of Delhi, there has been no improvement in Delhi.

“AAP MLAs don’t go anywhere, they don’t meet anybody. So, what is their additional expenditure I don’t know, I hope the Central government takes into cognizance when the bill comes to them,” he added.

The Delhi Assembly had yesterday approved a 400 percent pay hike for the MLAs and ministers by passing the Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Government of NCT of Delhi (Salaries, Allowances, Pension) Amendment Bill 2015.

The House accepted the recommendations made by an independent committee of three experts. (ANI)