Sunday , May 28 2017
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Aamir Khan made the country proud and not the country made him proud

The hullaballoo which followed Aamir Khan’s statement on the eve of an award function exposes the vested upper caste long due grudge against the Minority community. If we scrutinize the comments made against Aamir, majority are upper caste Hindus who want non-Hindus to adopt their line otherwise any opposition to them will cost in terms of sullying image and prestige. Aamir just spoke what number of intellectual, writers, actors and scientist has been saying since the new Government took power at the Centre. Instead of reaching out to them, they brand them anti-national and anti-Government.


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Mr. Anupam Kher, whose wife Kirron Kher is a BJP MP, who recently led a tolerant March to Rashtrapati Bhawan, tweeted that it is this country which has “made you AAMIR KHAN”. Mr. Kher must know that hundreds of actors are working day in day out to make his/her mark in Bollywood industry like Aamir then why this country does not make everybody as Aamir and please remember that not from day one Mr. Aamir Khan has become the heartthrob of millions of fans in this country. He toiled hard to earn this prestige and not handed over to him by any individual or group. It is his talent which made him earn the prestige and money. Had he been born elsewhere, he would have remained as Aamir Khan, an actor, an activist. In his much acclaimed TV programme, Satyamev Jayate, he exposed the social evils plaguing the country which earned him respect and met even PM Narendra Modi and had talk on social issues. He has got several awards and recognition courtesy his talent and labour.

It is Mr. Anupam Kher and his company which is most intolerant to any views expressed by people who actually love this country. It is this love which makes him/her sit up whenever the country is threatened for its plurality and cohesiveness. These stocks of people want to sideline the democratic voice uttered by the sane voice. They feel that whatever they say is justified and cannot allow the criticism at the government while the fact is that any criticism at the government of the day shows how healthy the polity is.

Let the country accommodate all the views, let it remain a democratic country and do not allow this country to become totalitarian state.


–Muslim Mirror