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9 witnesses murdered, Asaram rape victim dares to continue fight

Hyderabad: With both defiance and courage, the 18 year old girl who was allegedly raped by Asaram Bapu when she was 16 in a Jodhpur ashram said that she will never cowed down by the threats to her life and that of her family and vows to continue her fight.

Deeply saddened by the murder of Kripal Singh (3rd witness in the case who was killed by two motorcyclist), the girl told media persons that she will continue her fight “against all odds” for justice. “Truth will prevail at the end,” she said. “Though the fight for justice is long and difficult and often risky, I have decided to fight for justice.”

“It is not the matter of just one girl; scores have been raped by Asaram and Narayan Sai.” Brimming with tears in between angry outbursts, she asked govt at center to come forward and bring justice to her.

Crippled with grief she said that whenever she recalls the incident, her mind gets filled with hatred for “those who do all this in the name of being godmen”.

“Asaram and his son raped many innocent girls and now they are trying to kill the witnesses to weaken the case,” the girl, who recently cleared her class XII exams, said. “But all these attacks have made me stronger and I will keep fighting the battle till justice is delivered to me.”

The families of girls who have been raped, witnesses and their families are now living in fear. Though Asaram is in jail, his supporters are freely roaming on the streets and are attacking (people) at will. Nine witnesses in the case have till date been attacked by assailants.

“I want the Prime Minister to ensure justice to me by ordering a CBI probe into the 2013 (rape) incident,” the victim said.

1We have been getting regular threats, both directly and indirectly, from his followers since the incident came to light in August 2013. One day, a few supporters (of his) come to my shop posing as customers and brought up the issue in the middle of a business deal.

They told me to end the enmity and reach a compromise otherwise my entire family will be destroyed. Few of them even stop us on the road, while we are walking, in front of everyone.”