Thursday , July 27 2017
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9 Indian-origin witch doctors identified in New Zealand

Melbourne: New Zealand authorities have identified nine Indian-origin ‘witch doctors’ involved in duping numerous vulnerable people, including those from the Indian community, of thousands of dollars.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has identified nine witch doctors, five of whom have already left the country. The other four are still in New Zealand on visitor visas and are liable for deportation for breaching of their visa conditions, according to a media report today.

“The individuals have been asked to respond to INZ’s concerns before a decision is taken on what action to take,” said Peter Devoy, assistant general manager of the INZ.

“INZ would strongly encourage people not to be taken in by anyone offering these types of services,” 3News channel quoted Devoy as saying.

Indian witch doctors are arriving in New Zealand on tourist or temporary work visas and duping both vulnerable Kiwis and people in the Indian community into forking out thousands of dollars, the report said.

An Auckland businessman filed a police complaint after paying 275,000 New Zealand dollars to a witch doctor who skipped the country hours after receiving the cash.

An Indian-descent woman in New Zealand was recently duped by her compatriot who claimed to be a healer and asked her to pay 5,000 New Zealand dollars to get herself cured, prompting immigration authorities to launch a crackdown against the practitioners in the country.

An undercover operation conducted by 3 News found there has been an alarming increase in black magic practitioners from India in New Zealand.

Many start with a 20 New Zealand dollars visit fee and guarantee 100 per cent results, before going on to charge thousands to heal or bring back a lost one, it said.