Thursday , August 17 2017
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Man scolded and spitted on US Muslim woman and Driver kicked him

Washington: Sharareh Delara Drury, an American Muslim shared her story about being victimized on a Chicago bus on her way back from work by a man who screamed and spit at her.

Sharareh, a Chicago-based Iranian-American writer and editor in a Facebook post on Monday writes, “A man screamed at me. Called me a sand ni**er. Told me I was the problem. That I need to get the f*** out of his country.”

“I may have been wearing my scarf higher on my head than usual because it was cold out. I may have somehow looked suspicious listening to Spotify. I am half Iranian, so maybe it was my skin or my eyes,” she says.

According to dna reports, the 27-year-old further stated that when she tried to calmly tell him to back off but he kept screaming at her. The man didn’t just stop at verbal abuse but also spit at her, she added.

“Then this man spits at me. A man in a suit and tie. Like anyone else I’d see. He spits at me and looks at me with these regular eyes now filled with anger and tells me to get the f*** off the bus, do what I’m told, because this isn’t my country. This isn’t my place,” Drury wrote.

She stood up for herself to back off against the type of discrimination and hate following which passengers came forward which got the attention of the bus driver who finally kicked the man off the bus.

There are alleged racist incident happening against American Muslims who became the victims of hate crime but there are also Americans who stands up and were being so supportive and are aware of the fact that these terrorist attacks are being committed by a small group of extremists whose intentions and beliefs do not follow the rest of Islam.